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To keep the title of the Number One Flight Support Company, our business acumen is to provide to your needs and exceed any expectations you have. We are constantly aiming at advancing and gaining challenges to support you and give you the least possible stress that you may face to acquire your charter needs.


What do we provide?

Flight Planning & Permits

We arrange:

  • Computerised Flight Plans, NOTAMs and Weather
  • Arranging Over-flying Permits
  • Arranging Landing Permits
  • Arranging Slots/ PPR
  • Settlement of Navigation charges
  • ATC filing worldwide

Ground Handling

  • Ground Handling Services
  • VIP & Passengers Handling
  • Cargo & baggage
  • Flight Supervision
  • Flight tracking & coordination
  • Meet & assist services
  • Catering arrangement


Our fuel team carefully arranges and coordinates fuel uplifts for Business jets, cargo and airlines with reasonable margins. We select a fuel supplier based on track record, reliability, credit history and quality of products. Executive Sky Switzerland works with the most famous oil providers, national oil companies and local physical fuel.

Travel Services

  • Visa and ticket arrangement
  • VIP Transportation
  • Hotel Accommodation


The About Us page on any flight support website is the most important one and the first to look for. A flight support company that realises the importance of your business is capable of bringing great vale, savings and excellent cost figures to your airplane private charter needs. Our company guarantees accuracy and professionalism in supporting flights all around the world. A highly experienced team of dispatchers equipped with the most advanced flight planning software and a professional team of flight support officers will be at your request to best service your business needs. We will work diligently to obtain all the documents your flight needs as well as arrange the services required taking into high consideration all your concerns. Executive Sky Flight Support prides itself on being highly responsive and time efficient utilising its worldwide huge network base to find you the best deals.

Who are we?

We specialise in supporting flight operators that fly into the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Our team assists aircraft operators in obtaining relevant permissions, providing regional flight planning advice and making the necessary arrangements for aircraft handling services, hotel reservation, and transportation arrangements to make your experience effortless.

Our team at Executive Sky Flight Support is cooperative, friendly and thoroughly informed to answer any and all questions you may have regarding contracts, safety plans and creating itineraries.

We are dedicated to relieve you as an executive jet operator from all your flight arrangements and give you more time to concentrate on your crew, your VIP passengers and your flight. We are committed to further expanding our business presence through more areas of Europe, Africa and expanding into Asia from our base in the Middle East.

In order to expand business, keep previous customer base and introduce new ones into the customer pool we have trained our staff both for in flight and management on the ground to assess and help with continual changing requirements of companies and their business associates. We are also regular in keeping up to date with new trainings, procedures and adapting to advanced technological changes to ensure that we are delivering the best performance and aviation support to our customer base.

Now it’s up to you to decide

We believe those who charter an aircraft for business or leisure should have a different kind of service, do you?

Make us your ultimate private aviation partner!


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